Our Team

Carolina Shreve

Founder and President

My first real job was with a skateboard company when I first moved down to San Diego.  It was a fun company with a cool product.  The company was about to experience a crazy growth spurt when skateboards became the hottest item in retailing.  I never had as fun a job as the skateboard company, until now with Muddees.  Muddees is all about fun and fashion and the people who participate in our dream of living a fun life. 


Mary Brennan

VP of Buying and Visual Merchandising

I have known Mary since I was 17 years old and she always had class, style and taste.  She was the first one I brought on as our fabric buyer as the look of the Muddee is as important to us as the functionality of a Muddee.  She had been an interior designer who can’t pass a cool looking fabric without touching it (whether a person is in the fabric or not does not matter to her).  Many people think Mary has the easiest job, but when you have to go through hundreds of hundreds of rolls of fabrics and pick just the best 10 in just a few hours, it is a lot tougher job than you think (okay, okay I know you’re not shedding any tears here, but she is an awesome buyer and friend!).    
Karen Woods VP of Finance and Operations
I knew when Muddees appeared to be headed towards success that we needed someone to run the finance and operational side, Karen was my first choice.  It takes a very talented person to run the whole Muddee show and Karen is that talented and very special person.  She and I met and became close friends when we both worked for the action sports company Gordon & Smith in the 1970’s.   But now, Karen had a full time job, a part time business and her husband had some health issues which is a full time job in itself.  I was afraid to ask her to join us, as it seemed selfish of me to ask at this time, but I also knew the side of Karen that would love this challenge.  I took her out to lunch (it is always good to feed people before asking them for huge favors!), and she said she was in.  I went home and slept like a baby that night knowing the company Muddees was in good hands…Karen’s hands!


Wendy Ochoa

Web and Graphic Designer

I can’t thank Wendy enough.  She has a PhD and works in the scientific field by day and by night she changes in this super-hero with the incredible gift of web and graphic design.  I would love to take credit for the great look of our website, logo, business cards and other materials, but Wendy was on her own on this and the look of our look is the result of her imagination and talent.  She has her own design firm and you can see her complete portfolio at her website: www.ayayaydesign.com


Leylla Badeanlou


Leylla was recommended by Wendy our web and graphic designer.  I had heard all the terrible stories about photographers and them shooting what they wanted to shoot and ignoring your requests.  So, I was ready with my shot lists of what I wanted and where I wanted it shot.  But Leylla did some test shots.  When I got those test shots back, I tore up all my photo shoot list sheets.  Her pictures were AWESOME.  I knew from these pictures, that she had a bigger vision and picture in her head of what Muddee girls look like than I did.  If you like our photos and want to contact Leylla about a photo shoot of your own, you can email her at, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



I have to thank all the girls that worked with Leylla in the photo sessions.  I was amazed at how this modeling stuff came naturally to them as not one of them is a professional model and yet I feel they all certainly can be.  If you or your company wants to contact any of them for modeling jobs, you can send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Devon Knowles
Jenna Barnes
Khalisa Bolling
Chelsea Klaseus
Jaymee Carvajal
Katie Crist
Keelin O-Brien